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Stabila 191115 - Stabila Roto-laser SET LAR 350 (set with tripod and leveling bar)

Stabila 191115 - Stabila Roto-laser SET LAR 350 (set with tripod and leveling bar)

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Are you looking for a robust rotary laser that can work over long distances and perform any measurement task? The LAR 350 handles horizontal and vertical alignment with the same ease and reliability as a 2-axis tilter. Work quickly and efficiently with the intuitive MOTION CONTROL system and LED ASSIST system. The integrated protection systems mean that nothing stops these powerful "Made in Germany" lasers: not falls, not rain, not dust. Typical of STABILA - because long-lasting precision is the decisive factor.


  • Fully automatic servo-controlled rotary laser for horizontal and vertical applications, with remote-controlled two-axis tilt.
  • Innovative MOTION CONTROL - Fast, reliable and easy-to-use laser operation by turning the remote control.
  • DUAL SLOPE tilt function - controlled tilt adjustment of up to 5° on two axes.
  • MASKING MODE - work area that can be limited in rotation mode. The laser beam is only emitted in a defined area.
  • ASSIST LED system - for easy handling and safety in the workplace. Integrated LEDs indicate, for example, which axis is currently tilted or tilting.
  • MANUAL ALIGNMENT feature - pivots one axis in vertical operation.
  • Patented STABILA PROTECTOR system - perfect protection, even when the laser is dropped from a tripod at a height of up to 1.8 meters
  • Water and dust resistant according to protection class IP 65.
  • Large work area with the REC 300 Digital set receiver, up to 2600 feet in diameter.
  • BST-S tripod: adjustable in height from 100 to 160 cm.
  • NL leveling rule: extendable from 80 to 240 cm.


  • In masonry - creating the leveling layer.
  • In concrete construction - walls, flat works, patios and driveways.
  • On paving - parking lots and drainage.
  • In commercial construction - layout and framing.
  • In residential construction - squaring, staking and framing.
  • In excavation and sewer work - construction and underground work.
  • In landscaping work - retaining walls, ponds and paving stones.
  • In carpentry and wood construction - framing, cladding and finishing work.
  • In civil engineering and pipeline construction - pipe installation.
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