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GEDORE red R21000072 - BASIC tool set, 72 pieces (3301627)

GEDORE red R21000072 - BASIC tool set, 72 pieces (3301627)

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  • Multifunctional saw: saw blade and rotating bow, with hand protection, two-component handle, supplied with 1 HSS bi-metal saw blade (24 tpi)
  • Water level: rectangular smooth aluminum profile, two acrylic glass tips, measurement accuracy: +/- 0.5 mm/m, spray coating, impact resistant end protectors
  • Double-end open-end wrench: execution according to DIN 3110, ISO 3318, ISO 1085, ISO 10102, 15° angled jaw, satin-matt chrome surface, chrome-vanadium steel
  • Fitter's hammer: forged head of tempered steel, tempered striking surfaces, execution according to DIN 1041, ash handle, lacquered handle grip, conical wedge
  • Universal pliers: execution according to DIN ISO 5746, clamping surfaces for round and flat materials, induction-hardened cutting edges, 2-component handle, chrome-vanadium steel
  • Heavy duty diagonal cutting pliers: execution according to DIN ISO 5749, high cutting performance, thin head, long induction-hardened cutting edges, 2-component handle, chrome vanadium steel
  • Carpenter's pliers: execution according to DIN ISO 9243, polished head, induction-hardened edges, 2-component handle, forged
  • Tape measure: 2-component ABS plastic housing, with clip, tape measure with nylon protection, scale in mm, with automatic tape take-up and locking button, with magnetic stop, accuracy class II
  • Working pencil: oval shape
  • 2-component screwdriver: for PZ slotted and cruciform screws, execution according to DIN and VDE screwdriver for PH slotted and cruciform screws, VDE insulation according to DIN EN 60900, shaft made of high-alloy chrome-molybdenum steel, chrome-plated, phosphated tip, handle 2 components, pentagonal head, elongated hole in the handle
  • Allen key: execution according to DIN 2936, hardened throughout, chrome vanadium steel, phosphated, in case
  • Mechanic's chisel: execution according to DIN 6453, polished cutting edge and head, tempered end, chrome vanadium steel
  • Water pump pliers: execution according to DIN 8976 form C, longitudinally serrated clamping surfaces, with recessed connection, 7 positions, chrome vanadium steel, spray-coated
  • Phase detector: max. 250 volts, black burnished tip, with red plastic cover, non-slip handle, plastic clip, execution according to DIN 0680-6:1977-04
  • VDE cable cutter knife: VDE insulation according to DIN EN 60900, with straight, robust blade, straight cutting edge, with protective cover, 2-component handle, for easy power transmission
  • Half-round file: execution according to DIN 7261, 2-component handle, for easy power transmission, with hanging hole
  • Cutter: 18 mm blade, plastic housing, metal blade guide, one-handed use, with 5 replacement blades (100 mm long, 0.4 mm thick), with sharpener
  • Spanner: 15° angled jaw, polished head with laser applied scale, 40-50 HRC, chrome vanadium steel, chrome plated
  • Bit set: adapter with magnetic bit sleeve, male hexagonal drive according to DIN 3126 ISO 1173 - C 6.3, machine use, phosphated, plastic case
  • Screwdriver with screwdriver bits: 2-component handle, with female hexagonal socket DIN 3126 - D 6.3 (1/4“) for bits, with magnet, elongated hole, chrome-vanadium steel
  • Contents: Double open ended wrenches 6x7 8x9 10x11 12x13 14x15 16x17 18x19 20x22 mm Fitter's hammer 300 g Universal pliers 180 mm 200 mm force diagonal cutting pliers Carpenter's pliers 200 mm Multifunctional saw 300 mm Tape measure 3 m Working pencil 175 mm Screwdrivers for slotted screws 4 5.5 6.5 mm Screwdrivers for cruciform screws PZ 1 2 Allen key set, 9 pieces 1.5 2 2.5 3 4 5 6 8 10 mm VDE screwdrivers for slotted screws 3 mm 170 mm VDE screwdriver for PH 2 cruciform screws | 210mm Mechanic's chisel 125 mm Water pump pliers 10" 250 mm 3 mm phase detector | 135mm VDE cable cutter knife 185 mm Half round file 310 mm Cutter with sharpener 175 mm Spanner 8" 200 mm Bit set, 32 pieces Screwdriver for 210 mm bits Water level 300 mm
  • Content (No. of units): 72
  • Weight kg: 5.6kg
  • SKU: R21000072 - EAN13: 4060833016278


    Length: 410.0 mm

    Width: 315.0 mm

    Height: 150.0 mm

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