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OCHSENKOPF, literally "Ox Head", represents perfection and safety in forestry and carpentry tools. Since its foundation in 1781 by the Fahlefeld brothers, the Remscheid factory produces the highest quality steel with the best cut. An OCHSENKOPF ax is craftsmanship at the highest level and today remains the pride of the traditional tool industry of the Bergisches Land region of Germany. A brand, a myth. What began as an ax forge has become, over time, a modern industrial company.

Quality and service always first. Only the best raw materials are good enough: OCHSENKOPF tools are preferably forged from C60 steel. This steel is characterized by enormous resistance and long useful life. Also in the production of the mango, only raw materials of the highest quality are used. Fine woods such as walnut, highly resistant as well as flexible. OCHSENKOPF tools are consciously equipped with a rounded edge instead of a flat one like a knife. This type of cut provides longer edge life.

Much can be said about the reference brand among professionals. But the experience of having an OCHSENKOPF in your hands is unique. In wood work. In the deep dark forest.