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GEDORE VDE 183 10 - VDE insulated wrench pliers (3066088)

GEDORE VDE 183 10 - VDE insulated wrench pliers (3066088)

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  • Wrench and pliers in one tool
  • Insulation of handles up to 1000 Volts by immersion according to VDE IEC 60900 regulations
  • DIN ISO 5743
  • Replaces two complete sets of wrenches, metric and inch (0 - 50mm and 0 - 1 7/8“)
  • Careful screwing into parts with delicate surfaces (e.g. chrome parts)
  • Universal Adjustable Screw Driving Tool
  • Perfect for bending, clamping, squeezing or grasping different types of workpieces
  • Adjustable key width thanks to sliding mechanism and parallel jaws, stepless
  • Secure lock once key width has been selected
  • Activation of the sliding mechanism from virtually any adjustment position
  • It can also be used as a ratchet wrench to easily and quickly tighten and loosen hex screws and nuts.
  • Thanks to their high force multiplication (>1:10), the jaws have a high clamping and pressure force
  • Manufactured from special GEDORE tempered steel to withstand the harshest conditions
  • Can also be used as a vise outside the workshop
  • Optimal and ergonomic adjustment of the hand position to the opening width of the jaws or wrench
SKU: VDE 183 10 - EAN13: 4010886951569


Length: 282.0 mm

Width: 82.0 mm

Height: 40.0 mm

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