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Ochsenkopf OX 49-0000 White Plastic Insert (1591932)

Ochsenkopf OX 49-0000 White Plastic Insert (1591932)

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Particularly suitable for felling and cutting, Both the front and rear part have a longitudinally raised profile, Particularly suitable for large diameter wood, Available with replaceable wooden insert and aluminum ring or plastic insert, resistant to wear and atmospheric corrosion in accordance with DBGM*, Use of this insert increases the action of the wedge and allows for more effective splitting and separation of wood, Aluminum ring on the wood insert prevents possible chipping due to impact, Full aluminum hollow wedge = hollow aluminum wedge, wooden insert, aluminum ring, *DBGM (German Patent Utility Model)

SKU: OX 49-0000 - EAN13: 4010905049000


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