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Knipex 86 05 180 - 180 mm wrench pliers with two-component handles

Knipex 86 05 180 - 180 mm wrench pliers with two-component handles

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86 05 180 Wrench pliers
Replaces a complete set of nut drivers, both metric and inch. Flat jaws for the careful assembly of taps with surface treatment - to work directly on chrome! Also very suitable for gripping, holding, pressing and bending parts to be machined. Perfect fit to the faces of the nuts, preventing them from being rounded. Quick adjustment via button directly on the workpiece. Non-slip joint with perfect fit gripping jaws. Perfect grip thanks to the parallel jaws; Its design allows it to be adapted to all mouth widths up to the maximum specified. The drive between the jaws enables quick adjustment and release of threaded joints thanks to the ratchet effect. The force exerted on the handles is multiplied by 10 in the jaws, great holding capacity. With slim gripping jaws – for screwdriving situations that require a slim tool.
  • Mouth (joint) thickness (B2): 8.0 mm
  • Joint Thickness (B3): 12.0mm
  • Tip Thickness (B1): 5.0mm
  • Adjustment positions: 15
  • Working capacity for nuts (flat faces): Ø 112
  • Working capacity for nuts (flat faces): 40 mm
  • SKU: 86 05 180 - EAN13: 4003773047162


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