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Bessey STC-IHH25 - Bessey STC-IHH25 Quick Tie Clamp

Bessey STC-IHH25 - Bessey STC-IHH25 Quick Tie Clamp

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  • The movement of the lever is transformed into traction force thanks to the push rod
  • Automatic and continuous adjustment of the clamping distance up to 13 mm with practically constant clamping force. No need for manual adjustments.
  • Adjustable tightening force up to 2,500 N by adjusting the joint screw
  • Robust tempered steel sheets for longer service life
  • Motherboard hole pattern in mm and inches
  • High-quality, oil-resistant two-component plastic handle
Technical characteristics:
  • Aperture: 35mm
  • Automatic aperture adjustment: 13mm
  • Width of clamping surfaces (2): 2,500 N
  • Weight ca.: 0.45 kg
  • VPE: 6 pcs.
  • YouTube Video:
SKU: STC-IHH25 - EAN13: 4008158035758


Length: mm

Width: mm

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