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GEDORE TBI1000 - Torquewrench 3/4", 200-1000 Nm (3108023)

GEDORE TBI1000 - Torquewrench 3/4", 200-1000 Nm (3108023)

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  • Range: 200 - 1000 Nm
  • Accuracy: +/- 4%
  • For right and left tightening.
  • 3/4" square drive
  • The GEDORE TBI1000 torque wrench offers the unmatched precision and repeatability for which GEDORE is famous.
  • With an operating range of 200-1000 Nm the TBI1000 offers tightening solutions for many applications.
  • The front beam is constructed using Gedore's hot forging process, ensuring the strongest construction and durability in the industry.
  • Using the latest anti-slip technology, the handle offers superior grip in all conditions and is resistant to chemicals and oils, giving the user confidence regardless of application conditions.
  • The easy-to-read adjustment scale indicates both metric and imperial units.
  • With a range of 200-1000N.m (and 150-700 lb/ft), with an accuracy of +/-4%, the TBI1000 is a single solution for countless applications.
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