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GEDORE red R68900300 - 1/2" torque wrench 60-300 Nm L=575 mm (3301218)

GEDORE red R68900300 - 1/2" torque wrench 60-300 Nm L=575 mm (3301218)

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  • Controlled screw tightening in the most common range of 5 to 550 N·m
  • For controlled right and left tightening
  • Exact and precise reproduction Clearly audible and tangible tightening torque actuation Model:
  • Adjustable torque wrench with square drive and integrated ratchet function
  • Square drive with ratchet mechanism
  • Tightening torque is adjusted by turning the handle
  • The set value is fixed via the lock at the end of the handle
  • Scale with magnifying glass for N·m and additional 1/10 scale for exact adjustment
  • Trigger accuracy: +/- 3% tolerance on the set value on the scale Supply:
  • Torque wrenches with calibration certificate according to DIN EN ISO 6789:2017
  • Instructions for use
  • Drive Square: 1/2inch
  • Drive square nominal size: 12.5mm
  • Working area / measuring range Nm (min/max): N m
  • Scale division: 1.00N·m
  • Length (L, L1): 575mm
  • Return angle: 7.5degree
  • No. of teeth: 48 pieces
  • Weight kg: 1,541kg
  • SKU: R68900300 - EAN13: 4060833012188


    Length: 600.0 mm

    Width: 60.0 mm

    Height: 60.0 mm

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